Definition of oligodendroglial in English:




See oligodendroglia

‘Equally uncertain is whether other central nervous system tumors with oligodendroglial elements exhibit similar allelic losses and might confound interpretation of LOH studies.’
  • ‘By immunocytochemistry JC viral antigen can be demonstrated both in the oligodendroglial nuclei and astrocytic cytoplasm, extending along the processes.’
  • ‘Optic gliomas, subependymal giant cell astrocytomas, pleomorphic xanthoastrocytomas, mixed gliomas with oligodendroglial features, and gangliogliomas were excluded.’
  • ‘Although the absence of LOH would not solve the diagnostic dilemma, identification of LOH at 1p, 17p, or 19q would suggest the presence of an oligodendroglial or oligoastrocytic neoplasm.’
  • ‘To our knowledge, the only other study to evaluate the immunoreactivity of DNTs to mature oligodendroglial antigens is that of Gottschalk et al, 5 who observed no staining in a single DNT stained with antibodies to myelin basic protein.’
  • ‘For most oligodendroglial neoplasms, fresh tumor and blood were collected prospectively at Vanderbilt University Medical Center at the time of initial surgery under Institutional Review Board-approved protocols.’
  • ‘Superimposition of the 2 images demonstrates the oligodendroglial nature of the cells expressing Smad 3.’
  • ‘These findings are similar to those of Mueller et al, 20 who found LOH 1p and 19q less often in temporal oligodendroglial neoplasms.’
  • ‘Thirty-three patients with an oligodendroglial tumor and 4 patients with DNT were examined.’
  • ‘We have excluded tumors within the oligodendroglioma category or tumors that may have oligodendroglial components from our study.’
  • ‘The tumors with possible oligodendroglial components in the biopsy or further resections were excluded.’
  • ‘Biopsies with definite or possible oligodendroglial components were excluded.’
  • ‘At the present time, the prognosis of oligodendroglial neoplasms is an open issue.’
  • ‘In a third presentation at the meeting, Dr. Keirstead and his colleagues presented data showing how hESCs can be differentiated in tissue culture to oligodendroglial progenitors, the precursors of oligodendrocytes.’
  • ‘The myelin is formed of wrapped oligodendroglial cell membranes and contains ~ 70% lipid and 30% protein by weight.’