Definition of oligomer in English:



  • A polymer whose molecules consist of relatively few repeating units.

    ‘Condensed tannins are oligomers and polymers of flavonoid units linked by carbon-carbon bonds, which are not susceptible to hydrolysis.’
    • ‘Proanthocyanidin mixtures from grapes are a combination of dimers, trimers, tetramers, oligomers, and polymers.’
    • ‘The result may be low molecular weight, broad molecular weight distribution, or the presence of nonreacted monomers or oligomers with very low molecular weights.’
    • ‘Epoxy resins are actually oligomers, which must be reacted with other polymers such as polyamines, polyamides and polyesters.’
    • ‘In any cases, we do not observe formation of organized protein oligomers in the lipid monolayer as described for pore-forming peptides and proteins.’
    • ‘Low molecular weight oligomers were found in culture media of Chinese hamster ovary cells expressing endogenous or mutated genes.’
    • ‘Although many different proteins with diverse functions act on DNA, most act as monomers or components of oligomers containing relatively few other elements.’
    • ‘Compositions and methods for manufacturing waxes filled with intercalates and exfoliates formed with oligomers and polymers’
    • ‘Intercalates and exfoliates formed with oligomers and polymers and composite materials containing same’
    • ‘All oligomers (dimer, trimer, and tetramer) started to form rather early.’
    • ‘In particular, the intrinsic potency of oligomeric alkanols is predicted to increase roughly linearly with the number of repeat units in the oligomer, and thus with chain length.’
    • ‘Although commonly represented as monomers, organolithiums tend to form oligomers of two to six monomer units.’
    • ‘The surfactants include fluroethers, oligomers of propylene-oxide, siloxanes, etc.’
    • ‘In contrast to several previous studies, we find no evidence of dimers or other oligomers smaller than decamers.’
    • ‘In contrast to the dimers which prevail in the dephosphorylated state, the tetramers or higher oligomers of the NtrC-like proteins represent the active regulator species.’
    • ‘In addition, it has been theoretically studied using molecular mechanics and DNA oligomers after a minimization process.’
    • ‘It has been postulated that an assembly of gp 41 oligomers could establish the molecular scaffold that enables membranes to merge.’
    • ‘This indicates that TMR-actin does not form oligomers under polymerization conditions.’
    • ‘The incorporated nucleotides form an oligomer with digoxygenin or fluorescein.’
    • ‘We select this level of quasi-rigidity at 0.23 following a previous investigation of the dynamics of double helical nucleic acid oligomers.’



/əˈliɡəmər/ /əˈlɪɡəmər/