Definition of oligomeric in English:


Pronunciation /əˌliɡəˈmerik/



See oligomer

‘These densities may represent monomeric or oligomeric clusters of calsequestrin molecules that co-exist with the larger SR membrane-associated assemblages.’
  • ‘Bovine SP-B occurs also as covalent trimer, and oligomeric forms of ovine SP-B have been described.’
  • ‘Using the approach of this article, it may be possible to find conditions for which peptide constructs that vary in length and/or sequence have well-defined oligomeric states in the buffer solution.’
  • ‘Electron microscopy observations of disintegrating IF revealed the existence of two oligomeric levels consisting of tetramers assembled into octamers.’
  • ‘The bend in the middle of the alamethicin molecule results in the C-termini of the monomers in its oligomeric channel being at a further distance from each other due to the funnel shape.’
  • ‘The low and high ionic strength data were interpreted in terms of monomeric and oligomeric / aggregated peplide states, respectively.’
  • ‘The aggregation of monomers to form an oligomeric protein is a complex molecular process whose details are still obscure.’
  • ‘A tetrameric structure produces a greater minimum stress than other oligomeric structures up to octamers.’
  • ‘We compare a kinetic theory analysis of oligomeric aggregation to spatially explicit simulations of the process.’
  • ‘Higher oligomeric and polymeric soluble carbohydrates such as fructans would also have been detected if present, though different types would not have been efficiently separated.’
  • ‘They are constructed from multiples of 60 monomeric or oligomeric structural subunits, arranged in equivalent or quasi-equivalent environments.’
  • ‘Furthermore, the overall fold and the oligomeric structure of the molecule was validated by small angle x-ray scattering.’
  • ‘In particular, it has been proposed that three-dimensional domain swapping plays a role in the evolution of monomeric proteins toward oligomeric states.’
  • ‘For example, is the protein of interest transiently part of an oligomeric complex, a lipid raft, and/or does it associate with the cytoskeleton?’
  • ‘A relevant issue that arises from our work is to distinguish between monomeric species versus oligomeric species inserting into the membrane.’
  • ‘Previous workers argued that the most probable oligomeric state is a pentamer based upon combinations of modeling and experiment.’
  • ‘As the oligomeric size of the hypothetic bundle is not known, we explored different oligomeric sizes, from dimers to hexamers.’
  • ‘Pharmacologically active compounds in the extracts include oligomeric procyanidins and flavonoids.’
  • ‘The monomer units in the oligomeric structure become entangled with each other.’
  • ‘The folding pathways of only a few oligomeric proteins (mostly dimers and tetramers) have been reported, revealing a variety of mechanisms [3-7].’