Definition of oligonucleotide in English:



  • A polynucleotide whose molecules contain a relatively small number of nucleotides.

    ‘Probes are typically fairly short sequences of DNA nucleotides, called oligonucleotides, made synthetically.’
    • ‘We have been examining the potential use of oligonucleotides to direct nucleotide exchanges in episomal and chromosomal genes.’
    • ‘These studies demonstrate that pre-existing cytosine methylation on oligonucleotides…’
    • ‘On single-stranded oligonucleotides, all the guanines are oxidized to the same extent.’
    • ‘This problem would be enhanced using arrays composed of long oligonucleotides since only RNAs whose protected regions overlap with the oligo sequence would be identified.’
    • ‘The peptides can be linked to a large protein or an oligonucleotide, which may then be carried through the cell membrane.’
    • ‘In apoptosis, DNA is degraded into oligonucleotides with a few hundreds of basepairs that subsequently diffuse out of the nucleus.’
    • ‘The proper orientation and the sequence of the cloned oligonucleotides were checked by nucleotide sequencing.’
    • ‘This was followed minutes later by the injection of the oligonucleotide complementary to the DNA strand immobilized on sphere S2.’
    • ‘Liposomal formulations of genetic drugs such as antisense oligonucleotides and plasmid DNA are difficult to achieve.’
    • ‘For single bulges in RNA oligonucleotides, the conformation usually depends on the nature of the flanking base pairs.’
    • ‘The unmodified polynucleotides may be DNA, RNA or synthesized oligonucleotides.’
    • ‘The unzipping direction (order of nucleotides unzipped) was controlled by the selection of oligonucleotides.’
    • ‘The purity of the double-stranded oligonucleotides was confirmed by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis.’
    • ‘The latter is generally restricted to oligonucleotides but offers higher specificity.’
    • ‘One important application is gene therapy, where it is necessary to deliver a gene or a synthetic oligonucleotide into the cell.’
    • ‘Creation and purification of the double-labeled oligonucleotide is synthetically demanding.’
    • ‘The latter is conjugated to primer oligonucleotides that are pre-annealed to a complementary circular oligonucleotide.’
    • ‘Intermolecular tetrameric complexes are usually only formed by short oligonucleotides that contain single tracts of contiguous guanines.’
    • ‘In vitro studies on novel DNA structures have mainly involved synthetic oligonucleotides based on naturally occurring sequences.’



/ˌäləɡōˈno͞oklēəˌtīd/ /ˌɑləɡoʊˈnukliəˌtaɪd/