Definition of oligopeptide in English:



  • A peptide whose molecules contain a relatively small number of amino-acid residues.

    ‘By analogy, biomaterials like proteins and self-assembling oligopeptides may have a critical aggregation concentration based on their amphiphilic structures.’
    • ‘These zinc-dependent endoproteases may act on a large number of substrates, or they may be highly specific, targeting only one or a few proteins or oligopeptides.’
    • ‘These values can be used to estimate the total time to calculate free energies for oligopeptides of larger protein systems.’
    • ‘The other three proteins studied-the lipid-anchored oligopeptide binding protein OppA, the oligopeptide translocator complex OppBCDF, and the secondary lactose transporter LacS-were found to be less stable.’
    • ‘The bounds are extracted from the set of low free energy conformers identified for oligopeptides representing these loop residue segments.’
    • ‘Aminopeptidases and oligopeptidases in the cytosol may cleave oligopeptides into free amino acids.’
    • ‘Similar values for equilibrium constants have been reported for nonspecific binding of cationic oligopeptides to DNA.’
    • ‘The question arises whether the theoretical concept can be extended to analyze oligopeptides with more than two peptide groups.’
    • ‘Endopeptidases play key roles in storage protein degradation, producing oligopeptides.’
    • ‘Longer chains containing a few amino acids are often called oligopeptides or polypeptides if they contain as many as 50.’
    • ‘However, this may not be the case for oligopeptides such as EAK16 because of their relatively weak intrachain interactions.’
    • ‘This nonspecific binding is similar to the behavior displayed by other cationic DNA-binding ligands such as cationic oligopeptides and polyamines.’
    • ‘The major computational expense for the [alpha] helix prediction stage involves the calculation of accurate solvation and ionization energies for a subset of the overall oligopeptides.’
    • ‘The analysis of the free energy of these oligopeptides therefore requires efficient methods for locating not only the global minimum energy structure but also large numbers of low energy conformers.’
    • ‘A striking manifestation of this phenomena is the ability to grow crystalline solid-state structures from a solution of cyclic elastin-like oligopeptides by heating.’
    • ‘Recently, however, several groups have studied systems of several to dozens of oligopeptides at atomic resolutions using computer simulations.’
    • ‘We have shown that single-molecule properties have a critical influence on the self-assembly of charged oligopeptides.’
    • ‘The multi-subunit oligopeptide ABC transporter OppABCDF could be stabilized during dehydration by the addition of 100 mg sucrose/g of lipid.’
    • ‘The LMWCr oligopeptide is composed of cysteine, glutamate, aspartate, and glycine.’
    • ‘Isolation and characterization of a group of oligopeptides related to oxidized glutathione from the root of Panax ginseng.’



/ˌäləɡōˈpepˌtīd/ /ˌɑləɡoʊˈpɛpˌtaɪd/