Definition of oligotrophic in English:



  • (especially of a lake) relatively poor in plant nutrients and containing abundant oxygen in the deeper parts.

    • ‘Altogether, this indicates that sestonic components of autochthonous origin should be closer to Redfield proportions in eutrophic than in oligotrophic lakes.’
    • ‘Rainbow trout was collected in lakes of all sizes, depths, and elevations, ranging from low to high levels of lake disturbance and relatively oligotrophic to eutrophic waters.’
    • ‘For freshwater CAM plants the sites are seasonal pools, oligotrophic lakes, freshwater tidal creeks, irrigation channels and the like, all over the world, including high latitudes.’
    • ‘It is interesting that they found a lower incidence of food limitation in K. cochlearis from an oligotrophic lake than we found in a eutrophic pond which presumably had a higher total biomass of phytoplankton.’
    • ‘Trophic means concerned with nutrition, and oligotrophic lakes are poorly fed; that is, they have a low concentration of nutrient elements such as nitrogen and phosphorus.’
    • ‘The relationship between gas transfer velocity and wind speed was evaluated at low wind speeds by quantifying the rate of evasion of the deliberate tracer, SF 6, from a small oligotrophic lake.’
    • ‘In two oligotrophic lakes, calanoid copepods ingested HNF at biomass-specific rates that were 2.2 times higher than those of cladocerans.’
    • ‘For males and females, much of the relationship was driven by the values for Lake Woodruff, the only oligotrophic lake.’
    • ‘Seasonal variations in the stable isotope composition of crustacean zooplankton and their putative food sources in oligotrophic Loch Ness were recorded during 1998.’
    • ‘We investigated bacterial responses to variations in dissolved organic carbon and nutrient availability by a comparative analysis of bacterial metabolism in lakes ranging from oligotrophic to eutrophic.’
    • ‘The centers of a raised bog consist of oligotrophic peat, the best quality fuel, not polluted by mineral substances such as clay or sand.’
    • ‘We examined long-term phytoplankton data records for four oligotrophic boreal lakes situated in the Experimental Lakes Area, western Ontario, for responses to climatic change.’
    • ‘Lake trout are the only major native sport fish adapted to the deep, cold water of oligotrophic (low-nutrient) lakes, such as those often found in northern Canada and the northern Great Lakes region’
    • ‘A coupled algae - bacteria relationship mediated by C released from algae was observed during a 2-yr period in an oligotrophic high mountain lake, except at upper depths.’
    • ‘Redberry Lake, an oligotrophic saline lake in central Saskatchewan, is located in a hydrologically closed basin and has high levels of DOC.’
    • ‘The Lake was originally an oligotrophic water body with hydrocarbonate-calcium ionic content, very low turbidity, and low concentrations of microelements.’
    • ‘Median photosynthetic parameters observed with the oxygen method were up to twice as high as those measured with 14 C in other oligotrophic Shield lakes.’
    • ‘Model predictions of downwelling spectral irradiance distributions in seagrass canopies growing in both oligotrophic and eutrophic waters were within 15% of field measurements.’
    • ‘The intermediate region, where both mass transfer and kinetics influence the solution, is relatively broad for first-order kinetics and Monod kinetics in oligotrophic environments.’
    • ‘Given the dearth of nutrients in their environment, these oligotrophic bacteria must generate their energy from a variety of sources.’



/ˌɒlɪɡə(ʊ)ˈtrəʊfɪk/ /ˌɒlɪɡə(ʊ)ˈtrɒfɪk/