Definition of olinguito in English:


nounplural noun olinguitos

  • A small nocturnal tree-dwelling mammal living in cloud forests of Colombia and Ecuador. First described in 2013, it is the smallest member of the raccoon family.

    Bassaricyon neblina, family Procyonidae

    ‘A decade ago, Helgen and his team began the search for the olinguito and their journey took them to South America.’
    • ‘The olinguito is mostly active at night, eats fruit as well as meat, rarely leaves the trees, and has one offspring at a time.’
    • ‘At least one olinguito from Colombia was exhibited in several US zoos during the 1960s and 1970s, the researchers said.’
    • ‘The first clue came from the olinguito's teeth and skull, which were smaller and differently shaped than those of olingos.’
    • ‘In the world of entomology this new species can be only compared in its rare characteristics to the Olinguito.’



/ōˌliNGˈɡēdō/ /oʊˌlɪŋˈɡidoʊ/


Early 21st century diminutive of olingo.