Definition of olivaceous in English:



  • Of a dusky yellowish green color; olive green.

    ‘Removing two other birds - an olivaceous warbler and a yellow-vented bulbul - from the 30-foot-long net, he heads for his base of operations: a folding card table in the middle of a weedy lot.’
    • ‘The positive samples contained intact, determinate conidiophores, which varied in color between colorless and brown, and swollen phialides (colorless to brown) with 1-celled dark olivaceous spores were present.’
    • ‘One of them was an Icterine warbler the other was some other nondescript type of Hippolais species, possibly an olivaceous warbler.’
    • ‘At one time there were three accepted records of Olivaceous Warbler from Portland, however after review they were all rejected - the last in May 1999.’
    • ‘The Olivaceous Woodcreeper is distributed from Mexico through Central America and into most of tropical and sub-tropical South America.’



/ˌäləˈvāSHəs/ /ˌɑləˈveɪʃəs/