Definition of olive-skinned in English:



  • (of a person) having yellowish-brown skin.

    ‘an olive-skinned Italian goddess’
    • ‘White westerners stick out like sore thumbs alongside the olive-skinned inhabitants of Cambodia.’
    • ‘He had a handsome face, olive-skinned with some sort of Hispanic heritage.’
    • ‘Kate is a stunning olive-skinned brunette, now in Grade 11 at a Toronto alternative school.’
    • ‘Law enforcement sources tell CNN that three witnesses at two different shootings say that they saw an olive-skinned man.’
    • ‘Each pair of cop hands grasped an arm as they led an olive-skinned college-aged kid, not much younger than myself, from the back seat.’
    • ‘You drive into the sunny night - retired Britons obviously come here for the heat - past new hotels, swimming pools being dug, and beautiful olive-skinned people.’
    • ‘A beautiful, olive-skinned maiden sashays over to me.’
    • ‘The short, olive-skinned Greek customs officer took my passport and eyed me suspiciously.’
    • ‘According to tradition, the Virgin of Guadalupe appeared to Juan Diego in 1531, leaving an olive-skinned image of herself on his cloak and helping drive the conversion of millions of Indians throughout the Americas.’
    • ‘She described the man as "olive-skinned" or Mediterranean, with thick dark hair and a "slight fringe".’



/ˌäləvˈskind/ /ˌɑləvˈskɪnd/