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olive drab

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  • A dull olive-green color, used in some military uniforms.

    ‘Trip wires are similar in appearance to very fine thread; they are olive-drab green in color and weighted at the free end.’
    • ‘In mid-September, our B - 25 Group received a single, strange new airplane in olive-drab camouflage, called the YO - 59.’
    • ‘Bert weaved through the smoldering jungle, passing abandoned, fire-gutted, olive-drab vehicles licked by dying flames and centuries-old banyan trees splintered by shrapnel and shell.’
    • ‘I about-faced, and it was him: braids replaced by a processed pageboy, teal-and-black basketball jersey, baggy olive-drab shorts.’
    • ‘A horde of young assistants, mostly teenagers from the nearby high schools, occupies large olive-drab Quonset tents clustered at the end of the long line of A-frames.’
    • ‘She returned a moment later, carrying a long, olive-drab case with yellow, stenciled letters on the side.’
    • ‘He carried a cane in one hand and a Colt.45 automatic pistol in the other, and wore a knit olive-drab cap because he hated heavy Army helmets.’
    • ‘Navy blue, olive drab, and khaki military uniforms replaced the beach resort wear of the era as 2,122,100 servicemen and women trained in Florida.’
    • ‘There, in their wool olive drab uniforms, they resented the well-fed, khaki-clad and beribboned rear area troops who were the normal clientele of the bars and spas they wanted to visit.’
    • ‘Along with olive drab uniforms and combat boots, these could go to everyone upon enlistment.’
    • ‘Available in black, desert tan, olive drab and woodland camo, the Patrol Pack is oozing with design features that are state-of-the-art.’
    • ‘This meant cotton khaki for summer and interim use of the earlier olive drab wool field jacket and trousers as winter garrison wear, until the present Army green arrived.’
    • ‘In 1902, need for a seasonal service uniform and enhanced concealment from rapid and smokeless-rifle fire led to field uniforms of cotton khaki and wool olive drab, limiting army blue to dress uniforms only.’
    • ‘The T.S.T. military version is finished in a base color of olive drab and then tiger striped in black to blend into the martial environment.’
    • ‘Like Griffin, he wore olive drab cargo pants and combat boots.’
    • ‘The harness comes in olive drab or woodland camo and retails for $123.95.’
    • ‘Typically, the harshly exaggerated modeling of the flesh bears a complementary coloristic relationship to the ground, which in the case of 1863 is somewhere between pea green and olive drab.’
    • ‘As Doctor Wright and his associates left, Paul approached bearing four, compact devices contained in small, olive drab, military-style knapsacks.’
    • ‘Somehow, the stained, scrubbily painted areas of khaki, olive drab and tan, organized by looping lines and blocks of black, impart a sense of some vast tragedy.’
    • ‘He reflects next on the America that lives on for him in memory, an America that is ‘a dull, dark green called olive drab.’’


olive drab

/ˌäləv ˈdrab/ /ˌɑləv ˈdræb/