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  • 1A celebration of the ancient or modern Olympic Games.

    ‘St. Louis was host to the third modern Olympiad in 1904, and Francis Field, on the campus of Washington University, was the primary site.’
    • ‘That inaugural modern Olympiad did not allow female competitors.’
    • ‘The Olympics are almost certainly the sports world's grandest stage, and in 2004 the event returns to the birthplace of the ancient Olympiad and the first host of the modern Olympics - Athens, Greece.’
    • ‘At dusk, a countdown video filled the screen at the recently upgraded Olympic Stadium - 28 seconds, one for each of the Games scheduled since the first modern Olympiad in 1896 here.’
    • ‘It is estimated that more than three and one-half billion people would benefit from a multitude of media delivery surpassing all other Olympiads and set the face of the next Olympics in Athens, Greece, where it all began.’
    • ‘But as the 27th modern Olympiad began, most folks were willing to suspend their cynicism and believe in the beauty, purity and goodness of world-class athletic competition.’
    • ‘She returned to the National women's ‘A’ tourney only because she wanted to play in the Olympiad next year.’
    • ‘The organisation, as you would expect from a country that hosted the greatest modern Olympiad, was peerless.’
    • ‘Team USA's strategy of drafting NBA players for the past three Olympiads has resulted in three gold medals and absolutely no intrigue, competition, or excitement.’
    • ‘He won 4 golds in the 4 Olympiads between 1912 and '28, and making the Olympic team in 1928 when he was 38 years old.’
    • ‘I've always enjoyed playing in the Olympiads, and I hope my country does well this time.’
    • ‘Not only did India was found wanting in adapting to the new techniques, which Pakistan imbibed with out much loss of time and courted success in the 1984 Olympiad in Los Angeles and in the 1994 World Cup at Sydney.’
    • ‘Since the Olympiad is played over 14 rounds and you need to be physically strong, I made the girls do a lot of physical training too.’
    • ‘If I do play the Olympiad next time, it will be nice to see the whole team.’
    • ‘We shall also pick players to complete the squad for the Olympiads,’ he said.’
    • ‘After a few scares, Athens won its race to be ready for the 28th Olympiad.’
    • ‘This helped him prepare better against lesser-known rivals and dramatically increased his percentage of victories, particularly in the Olympiads.’
    • ‘The responsibility to be Africa's best solely lay on the 12 players going to the Olympiads in Italy, which is the world's chess showpiece of a tournament.’
    • ‘But at least Beijing is unlikely to be dogged by the same problems that beset Athens, when there were genuine concerns the Greek capital would not be ready to host the 28th Olympiad.’
    • ‘Recently in Bled, the Chinese girl had emerged as the best player in the Olympiad by contributing 11 points to her country's title-triumph.’
    1. 1.1A period of four years between Olympic Games, used by the ancient Greeks in dating events.
      ‘All told, the Hawaiian's incredible international swimming career was going to span two decades and four Olympiads.’
      • ‘Vertically, the arrangement is by Olympiads, each Olympiad containing four numbered years; these years were not rigidly fixed but were adapted to the flow of events.’
      • ‘The games were held every four years at Olympia, which became a convenient way for the Greeks to count the passing years; every four years was called an Olympiad.’
      • ‘During the last three Olympiads, those numbers have risen to 21 and 23.’
      • ‘It was held every four years, a time frame which the Greeks called an Olympiad hence the name.’
      • ‘It seems most probable that he died at Corinth, of mere decay, in the ninetieth year of his age and in the 114th Olympiad.’
      • ‘It was the fifth Olympiad since the modern Olympic Games had resumed in 1896, and represented a turning point for amateur sports.’
      • ‘The Olympiads are numbered consecutively from the first Olympic Games (or Ist Games of the Olympiad), held in Athens, Greece, in 1896.’
    2. 1.2A major national or international contest in some activity, notably chess or bridge.
      ‘the 42nd International Mathematics Olympiad’
      • ‘The inherent intellectual talents of our youngsters have been proved in the IT field and in intellectual competitions like international mathematics and astronomical Olympiads or even in intellectual games like chess.’
      • ‘There are already a Chess Olympiad and an International Mathematical Olympiad, as well as Olympiads for other subjects.’
      • ‘And I think it's a fact that the math Olympiad isn't a sport either.’
      • ‘The authors, both past members of the Spanish Olympiad team and experienced international players, do a nice job of explaining the hows and whys so that the average player can understand and learn from their book.’
      • ‘The International Chemistry Olympiad originated with Czechoslovakia, Poland and Hungary in 1968.’
      • ‘At intervals throughout the book we are reminded that we are talking about a specific Mathematical Olympiad and drawn into the goings-on that accompany this Olympiad's mathematical events.’
      • ‘November 20 at the Olympiad for local bands, and the Local Talent Showcase at the Cause on Saturday, November 17 at 7.30 pm for young classical performers.’
      • ‘They will appear for a Green Olympiad examination to be held next month and those selected from this will participate in the Terra Quiz contest, both national-level competitions organised by the three bodies.’



/ōˈlimpēˌad/ /oʊˈlɪmpiˌæd/ /əˈlimpēəd/ /əˈlɪmpiəd/


Via French or Latin from Greek Olumpias Olumpiad-, from Olumpios(see also Olympian and Olympic).