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  • Relating to the ancient city of Olympia or the Olympic Games.

    ‘an Olympic champion’
    • ‘They don't have to be an Olympic rower or an Olympic athlete to be able to do the sport.’
    • ‘If you win an Olympic Gold medal you become a hugely marketable item, and will earn vast sums of money.’
    • ‘A few years ago I was sailing in an international event which was an Olympic qualifier.’
    • ‘Nobody in the game can move iron like he can and he trains at a gymnasium used by Olympic class weightlifters.’
    • ‘It has also raised the prospects of a wide open Olympic basketball tournament in Athens.’
    • ‘It was impossible to be knocked out of the Olympic ice hockey competition at this stage.’
    • ‘We might not produce many Olympic gold athletes but we're world champion shoppers.’
    • ‘The Greek reaction to four years of innuendo and controversy was to ask him to light the Olympic flame.’
    • ‘Did the Olympic sprinter lose in the final because of the intense atmosphere or because he or she had an off day?’
    • ‘It will be the icing on the cake if the Indian shooters can deliver an Olympic medal.’
    • ‘Taekwondo is a Korean branch of the martial arts and is a full Olympic sport.’
    • ‘The World Cup series was drawing to a close, and the Olympic trials were looming.’
    • ‘These tribulations did nothing to lessen the pressure on the four to come home with Olympic gold.’
    • ‘It got to such a pitch that all other Olympic rivals paled into insignificance.’
    • ‘Once society accepts it, the Olympic committee is going to have to deal with it.’
    • ‘She did student stuff, put on weight, and was asked if she had really ever been an Olympic diver.’
    • ‘At the same time they were initiated into the extraordinary world of the Olympic family.’
    • ‘It will be one of their last chances to see who is in shape and in contention for the Olympic title in Athens.’
    • ‘If only I had done that a year and a half ago, I may still have had my Olympic bronze.’
    • ‘Two years after winning Olympic gold he was plummeting down the rankings like a stone.’



/əˈlimpik/ /əˈlɪmpɪk/


Late 16th century via Latin from Greek Olumpikos ‘of Olympus or Olympia’.