Definition of omakase in English:



  • (in a Japanese restaurant) a meal consisting of dishes selected by the chef.

    ‘we had the five-course omakase’
    • ‘Jonathan suggests the omakase menu’
    • ‘The chef's basic omakase starts at $40.’
    • ‘Mention you'd like omakase or you'd like to try some traditional fish or Japanese dishes.’
    • ‘At dinner, signature sushi rolls are $13 to $15; other entrees are $13 to $28; chef's special omakase meals are higher.’
    • ‘Omakase, a traditional chef's tasting menu, is comprised of twelve to thirteen featured courses.’
    • ‘I hunkered respectfully at the bar on my first visit and let the chef take me on an omakase tasting tour of the menu.’
    • ‘This may be the future: simpler menus and no sushi bar or omakase (chef's choice) requiring highly specialised chefs.’
    • ‘Omakase—Nobu's multicourse chef's-choice dinner—is two hours of paradise if you have the gift of surrender.’
    • ‘He tries to introduce his American customers to more traditional Japanese flavors through his omakase, or chef's choice, menu.’
    • ‘If you are a first-timer, it can often be a good thing to put yourself in the chef's hands and order an omakase, where the chef feeds you cool things and you get to experiment more or less safely.’



/ˌōˈmäkəsā/ /ˌoʊˈmɑkəseɪ/ /ˈōməˌkäsā/ /ˈoʊməˌkɑseɪ/


Japanese, literally ‘respectfully leaving another to decide what is best’.