Main definitions of ombre in English

: ombre1ombré2



  • A trick-taking card game for three people using a pack of forty cards, popular in Europe in the 17th–18th centuries.

    • ‘He presents Belinda at her toilet, a game of ombre, the snipping of the lock while Belinda sips her coffee, the wrath of Belinda and her demand that the lock be restored, the final wafting of the lock, as a new star, to adorn the skies.’



/ˈämbər/ /ˈɑmbər/


From Spanish hombre ‘man’, with reference to one player seeking to win the pool.

Main definitions of ombré in English

: ombre1ombré2



  • Having tones of color that shade into each other, graduating from light to dark.

    ‘a blue and white ombré silk shift’
    • ‘her shoulder-length ombré hair’
    • ‘Here's something you can take from the couture shows in Paris that you can actually wear and afford: Christian Lacroix's ombré tights.’
    • ‘Prada fans have gone elegantly ga-ga for Miuccia's shrunken ombré cardigans.’
    • ‘A multi-coloured stripe tankini and selection of vivid ombré sarongs complements any choice from pool to party!’
    • ‘Who can forget his outstanding ombré silk chiffon sari-like gown with a navy alligator skin asymmetrical top?’
    • ‘Delilah wore a key-hole cut Michael Kors black gown last night with her ombré hair slung to one side in retro curls.’
    • ‘The actress stopped in a few vintage shops on the road while showing off new ombré highlights in her hair.’
    • ‘What do you think of her ombré locks?’
    • ‘The actress - a natural brunette - often experiments with her hair color, having gone lighter for roles in the past and most recently rocking an ombré look.’
    • ‘Dip-dyed ombré hairstyles have been prominent in celebrity magazines.’
    • ‘She donned a body-conscious ombré sequin dress and Jimmy Choo heels.’
    • ‘The ombré trend has continued this season and shows no sign of slowing down as we head into Autumn.’
    • ‘The beaded fringe of her dress faded in an ombré style from bronze to gold, falling just above her black leather boots.’
    • ‘Jessica wore minimal makeup and pinned back her fringe while leaving the rest of her ombré tresses loose.’
    • ‘She wants to create an ombré effect with her cashmere fabric.’
    • ‘Pastel shades, monochrome and two-tone ombré pieces are also right on trend.’
    • ‘More formal looks included beautiful strapless fitted gowns with floor-length capes and a full-skirted gown done in an ivory-to-champagne ombré effect.’



/ˈämˌbrā/ /ˈɑmˌbreɪ/


French, past participle of ombrer ‘to shade’.