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nounplural noun ombudspersons

North American
  • A person acting as an ombudsman.

    ‘A past-president and longtime member recently suggested to me that the association needs an official ombudsperson to ensure that member complaints have the hearing they should.’
    • ‘The ombudspersons would report directly to the president, but the office would be ‘outside the usual administrative structure’ of the university, according to the proposal.’
    • ‘The referendum appeals committee - an impartial group led by the ombudsperson - invalidates the referendum because the question was modified during the voting process.’
    • ‘The referendum appeals committee, chaired by the ombudsperson, decided that the referendum was invalid and threw out the results.’
    • ‘Other choices included on the questionnaire but checked less often included tutoring, special seminars or extra coursework, peer support groups, special assignments, and referral to an ombudsperson.’
    • ‘The ombudsperson does not act as a lawyer or an advocate, but will work with clients and members of the University of Waterloo to ensure that resolution occurs and grievances are heard and addressed.’
    • ‘An informal resolution session was held between the student, the ombudsperson, the course director, and the associate dean for student affairs.’
    • ‘Any disputes or questions go to the ombudsperson, who also handles miscellaneous tasks, such as changing lightbulbs and fixing the printer.’
    • ‘She said much of the document points out what an ombudsperson doesn't do.’
    • ‘Sometimes, trainees know they can go to the dean of the graduate school or to a university ombudsperson for such help.’
    • ‘Whether you actually have a body which is representative of two to three different people, or you have an ombudsperson, I know not.’
    • ‘Organizations often rely on mechanisms such as suggestion programs, ombudspersons, or participative management to encourage their members' participation.’
    • ‘A national welfare system for children was enacted as early as 1896, and in 1981, a national ombudsperson for children was established.’
    • ‘Suggestions for changes to the proposed policy ranged from reducing the administration's role in the process to creating an ombudsperson position.’
    • ‘The Legal Resource Office, chaplain's office and ombudsperson's office will be relocated to the third floor and the clubs offices will be moved to the student services area above the Imprint office.’
    • ‘Whether through courts, ombudsperson, or State appointed human rights defenders, the limitations on enforcing human rights at the international level disappear.’
    • ‘The police withdrew when El Salvador's ombudsperson for Human Rights intervened.’
    • ‘The Office of the Student Ombudsperson exists to help U of C students solve their problems with the Administration.’
    • ‘The Ombudsperson can also help to affect positive change by providing upward feedback on patterns of problems and complaints to appropriate senior officers.’
    • ‘Ombudsperson powers are restricted to those of inquiry and recommendation.’



/ˈämˌbədzˌpərs(ə)n/ /ˈɑmˌbədzˌpərs(ə)n/