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transitive verbtransitive verb omits, transitive verb omitting, transitive verb omitted

[with object]
  • 1Leave out or exclude (someone or something), either intentionally or forgetfully.

    ‘a significant detail was omitted from your story’
    • ‘Cases with missing data for any covariate were omitted from the regression analysis.’
    • ‘When any one of these components was omitted from the reaction, licensing dropped to background levels.’
    • ‘Good, experienced players were omitted from the World Cup squad and the new boys didn't deliver.’
    • ‘The marriage is omitted from his otherwise copious Who's Who entry.’
    • ‘In the 1970s, the location was omitted from the park territory and turned into a village.’
    • ‘On checking we found that the invitation and number were inadvertently omitted from the report.’
    • ‘Many of my favorite parts of the book were omitted from the movie.’
    • ‘This story was omitted from last week's paper due to a technical error.’
    • ‘Mary's name was omitted from the list of officers reported in this column some weeks ago.’
    • ‘Given such a barrage of facts, maybe I can understand why the city is omitted from many European tours.’
    • ‘Two years later she was omitted from the European squad that relinquished the trophy in Minnesota.’
    • ‘A number of items were omitted from the piece last week and we hereby include them below.’
    • ‘The finding was omitted from the version of the survey supplied to MPs by the government.’
    • ‘As such, although these points are presented in Fig.7, the data were omitted from analysis of covariance.’
    • ‘Two surveys were omitted from the sample, as they contained unanswered questions.’
    • ‘To ease presentation of results, the correlat ional paths are omitted from the figure.’
    • ‘Individuals who reported that they were students were omitted from these analyses.’
    • ‘Such bias arises when non-significant or negative outcome data are selectively omitted from publication.’
    • ‘Ten loci were omitted from this map for similar reasons as the tetraploid map.’
    • ‘Patients with evidence of alcohol abuse or viral hepatitis were omitted from the study.’
    leave out, exclude, fail to include, except, shut out, leave off, take out, miss out, miss, fail to mention, pass over, drop, delete, cut, erase, eliminate, elide, expunge, rub out, cross out, strike out, dispense with
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    1. 1.1Fail or neglect to do (something); leave undone.
      with infinitive ‘he modestly omits to mention that he was pole-vault champion’
      • ‘the final rinse is omitted’
      • ‘They carefully omitted to mention percentages in their criticism because this was lower than those they imposed.’
      • ‘Whoever wrote the menu had omitted to mention that the dish came with a spaghetti infused with large dollops of anchovies.’
      • ‘She omitted to mention that the race was the first of this year's super bike grand prix held at different venues all over the world.’
      • ‘He omitted to mention multiple sclerosis and unspecified brain damage.’
      • ‘Either way, he omitted to mention that he had snapped from the back of the set the post that connects to the cable box.’
      • ‘She omitted to mention that my son from my previous marriage now lives with me.’
      • ‘I omitted to mention the great soundtrack albums we could have for all of these films.’
      • ‘He omits to mention, however, that education is the one section of the U.S. economy that his Leftist co-religionists dominate.’
      • ‘Similarly he omits to mention that the service standards that might be expected from each level of taxation were actually published by the council in early December.’
      • ‘He omits to mention that what was called Socialism in Mussolini's day was what we would now call Communism.’
      • ‘His profile in the company's annual report omits to mention that he was chairman of National Irish Bank.’
      • ‘Cohen is happy to accuse the left of covering up crimes, but oddly omits to mention this salient bit of history.’
      • ‘Unlike the Tory spy at the Lib Dems, who was evicted after passing himself off as an activist, omitting to mention that his activities were on behalf of the Conservatives.’
      • ‘He omitted to mention gatekeepers, (which according to him was a vital point).’
      • ‘In the above, semi-comic account, Dickens omits to mention his own heroic conduct in aiding the injured and dying.’
      • ‘This is actually unsurprising, given the population, and he omits to mention that pre-railway London was already ringed by courses.’
      • ‘Whilst technically correct it omits to mention how he obtained the degree.’
      • ‘Of course they omit to mention that their slice of the pot, i.e. trading commissions, will be higher as a result.’
      • ‘Entitled Lest We Forget, the book omits to mention how the ruination came about in the first place.’
      forget, neglect, fail
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/ōˈmit/ /oʊˈmɪt/


Late Middle English from Latin omittere, from ob- ‘down’ + mittere ‘let go’.