Definition of omnisexual in English:



  • Involving, related to, or characterized by a diverse sexual propensity.

    ‘But by now, ending a number with a dank, dark, ambi-sexual, omnisexual group grope is so passé it's turning up in music videos.’
    • ‘The trash-talking omnisexual comic returns with a second concert film, addressing menstruation, the G spot, and other conversational gambits for dinner at Grandma's.’
    • ‘It's also refreshing that as a mainstream actor, he's taking a chance on a change-of-pace stint on Broadway-and playing omnisexual Peter Allen no less!’
    • ‘He is aggressively omnisexual, directing his lustful intentions toward everybody except, of course, Riff-Raff and Magenta.’
    • ‘He spares no-one with his agnostic approach to his subjects who are gay, straight, asexual and omnisexual.’
    • ‘Our conversation turns to the omnisexual writer, on whom he has written a couple of journalistic essays.’



/ˌämnəˈsekSHəwəl/ /ˌɑmnəˈsɛkʃəwəl/