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  • A lane for traffic entering a turnpike or freeway.

    ‘As I entered the freeway on-ramp, there seemed to be even fewer cars.’
    • ‘There are expressways, smaller lanes, on-ramps and off-ramps and intersections.’
    • ‘The result could help engineers improve traffic forecasts and improve control over traffic lights at on-ramps, he says.’
    • ‘By the time I hung up, I was at the freeway on-ramp.’
    • ‘The suspect's SUV suddenly jerked to the side of the road, and entered an on-ramp.’
    • ‘Traffic flows around this island in a counter-clockwise direction, entering and leaving on what amount to off-ramps and on-ramps.’
    • ‘‘Yes, they're for real,’ he allowed as the light changed and he turned left, got in the right lane, and turned right onto the on-ramp.’
    • ‘The best place to be picked up is at the end of an on-ramp, where there is two-way traffic.’
    • ‘You know, your local law enforcement agencies can work on closing off the exits and on-ramps and reversing flows on roads.’
    • ‘The boat, registered to Young, was on its side between the Allegheny River and the 10th Street Bypass near the Fort Duquesne Bridge on-ramp.’
    • ‘Its 355-horsepower engine makes on-ramps into mini raceways, and the transmission is sporty and killer-fun to play with, besides offering actual help in maneuvering through traffic.’
    • ‘Old right-sided on-ramps sat next to left-sided exits, resulting in dangerously sharp transitions.’
    • ‘There are other historic adobes in Southern California, but most lost their lands to newer houses and on-ramps.’
    • ‘Planning your route using a map leads to being stranded at motorway on-ramps.’
    • ‘These map sites work well in general, but tend to have irritating flaws - like neglecting to indicate which way to turn to get onto an on-ramp.’
    • ‘George surged through the green light and back up the next on-ramp, which was arranged, rather conveniently, right in front of us.’
    • ‘Semis with license plates from every New England state and Quebec drove out of the P & H lot and down the on-ramp.’
    • ‘Anyhow, we got to a point just before the highway on-ramp, they went and did some shoe shopping, and I hit up the bookstore.’
    • ‘In Seoul, striking workers mustered another eight container trucks and blocked a highway on-ramp.’
    • ‘Rodgers was beside himself, certain that he had entered the on-ramp to success.’