Definition of on a roll in English:

on a roll

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  • Experiencing a prolonged spell of success or good luck.

    • ‘the organization is on a roll’
    • ‘With his last few albums, he has been on a roll, consistently producing jazz of the very highest standard.’
    • ‘New Zealand film is apparently on a roll according to our media.’
    • ‘All the smaller underground clubs are on a roll and the commercialised side of dance music is starting to wane.’
    • ‘Sinatra had been on a roll since his breakthrough part in From Here To Eternity.’
    • ‘He is keen that he shouldn't be perceived as turning his back on British theatre, which he feels is on a roll.’
    • ‘The multi-prize winning young cellist is on a roll.’
    • ‘The band are certainly on a roll and they're rocking all the way.’
    • ‘It is no secret that the photography market is on a roll.’
    • ‘The film marks something of a coup for Newmarket, who appear to be on a roll, having backed some of the hottest independent films of the year so far.’
    • ‘When big-budget shows can be this fun, you know that rock music is once again on a roll.’
    thriving, doing well, prospering, buoyant, expanding, flourishing, successful, strong, vigorous, productive, profitable, booming, burgeoning, fruitful, roaring, golden, palmy