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on account of

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  • Because of.

    ‘they had closed early on account of the snow’
    • ‘Thames Water says there might be a hosepipe ban on account of there not being enough rain over the winter.’
    • ‘I yelled after them, but they didn't hear me on account of already being fifty metres away.’
    • ‘As a result of this, I have not been able to take any time off on account of not feeling well.’
    • ‘But that cannot be decided by us on account of what we read in the press, only by the inquiry.’
    • ‘Except it wasn't running on Monday lunchtime, on account of all the people in the way.’
    • ‘Bangalore is just one city, which on account of its IT bigwigs, is in the limelight.’
    • ‘While the film has been canned, its release has been delayed on account of the Cricket World Cup.’
    • ‘Even if this perceptiojn is distorted, it should be no surprise that prices have risen on account of the changeover.’
    • ‘Well, if I pass away tonight, it will probably be on account of overwork and not as a result of hunger.’
    • ‘I threw a load of shirts out some years ago, on account of them being never worn and almost irrevocably corrupted by dust.’
    • ‘We had decided to go down the river first, on account of car parking.’
    • ‘There is a huge loss of livestock on account of shortage of fodder and water.’
    • ‘Sports cars have been called selfish cars on account of the fact you don't have to give anyone a lift but one cupholder was a bit much!’
    • ‘Traffic accidents continue to claim a large number of lives on account of several factors.’
    • ‘Medical services in any ideal place should not be denied to anyone on account of inability to pay.’
    • ‘Then a friend of mine has been having a pretty rough period on account of his brother's illness.’
    • ‘The need for the Thames Estuary sea forts arose in the last war on account of the mining of our waters with magnetic mines.’
    • ‘Today I heard that the woman in question lost her job at the bank on account of those pictures!’
    • ‘This has happened mainly on account of losing the ability to live with differences.’
    • ‘It is understood her sentence was cut to 12 years on account of her guilty plea.’
    because of, owing to, due to, as a consequence of, thanks to, through, by reason of, by virtue of, in virtue of, on grounds of, in view of
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