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on and on

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  • Continually; at tedious length.

    ‘he went on and on about his grandad's trombone’
    • ‘The whole show dragged on and on seemingly forever.’
    • ‘But too many suspensions cases have dragged on and on, wasting large sums of taxpayers' money.’
    • ‘I tried to make a big show of looking away from the screen till it was over, but the scene went on and on.’
    • ‘She took the phone and talked on and on without holding the steering wheel.’
    • ‘During one hot summer, Lisa kept on and on about wanting to go swimming.’
    • ‘He was going on and on in his speech about safety at reasonable cost.’
    • ‘The UN negotiations drag on and on as the international community weakens and loses interest.’
    • ‘He sat down with James in his lap, listening to the little boy babble on and on.’
    • ‘The teacher droned on and on about local history.’
    • ‘He rambled on and on about how different brands compared to others.’
    for a long time, for ages, for hours, at length, at great length, incessantly, ceaselessly, constantly, continuously, continually, endlessly, unendingly, eternally, forever
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