Definition of on cloud nine in English:

on cloud nine

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(also on cloud seven)
  • Extremely happy.

    ‘I was on cloud nine once I had completed it’
    • ‘Now I knew why he was so happy upon my entering, he was on cloud nine, and was ecstatic to have someone to share it with.’
    • ‘To play for the school team at cricket and football put me on cloud nine.’
    • ‘She was on cloud nine when she came home that evening,’ says her father.’
    • ‘‘I was walking on cloud nine for days,’ she said.’
    • ‘Similarly, the other day someone in town recognised my name when I introduced myself, and said they'd heard my report on the radio that morning, which was nothing short of amazing and left me on cloud nine for most of the day.’
    • ‘‘I was on cloud nine when I heard I won and I'm still up there,’ he said.’
    • ‘And when it got an Oscar for visual effects, the team was on cloud nine.’
    • ‘The football club may still have an uncertain future, but fans were on cloud nine after a 3-1 win.’
    • ‘Naturally, the airlines personnel are on cloud nine at receiving the honour.’
    • ‘But last Monday he woke to find his sight had miraculously returned, and he has been on cloud nine ever since.’
    ecstatic, rapturous, joyful, elated, blissful, joyous, beatific, euphoric, enraptured, in seventh heaven, transported, in transports, in raptures, beside oneself with happiness, beside oneself with joy, rhapsodic, ravished, enchanted, delighted, thrilled, overjoyed, very happy
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    With reference to a ten-part classification of clouds in which ‘nine’ was next to the highest.