Definition of on earth in English:

on earth

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  • Used for emphasis.

    ‘who on earth would venture out in weather like this?’
    • ‘So my question is, how on earth do you keep tabs on all of the available programming?’
    • ‘You may wonder what on earth has prompted me to ask such a question, so let me explain.’
    • ‘The question that remains to baffle us is why on earth it took so long for anything to be done.’
    • ‘How on earth are the sport stars of the future ever going to get that edge over the competition.’
    • ‘Why on earth do they bother selling them to anyone when it's clear no librarians want to read them?’
    • ‘I am curious to find out what on earth possessed him to do this and why a lime?’
    • ‘How on earth do you manage so many top class horses and find dates and races for them all?’
    • ‘So why on earth does he want to make yet another death-defying walk in the Grand Canyon?’
    • ‘After all, who on earth is interested in reading about our inability to cope?’
    • ‘Why on earth would I want to go near the things which filled me with so much fear?’
    at all, in any way, on earth