Definition of on every hand in English:

on every hand

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  • All around.

    ‘new technologies were springing up on every hand’
    • ‘New branches of business are constantly springing up on every hand.’
    • ‘I point out that, to the contrary, neo-Nazis are prone to very complex thinking - since their view of the world is contradicted on every hand.’
    • ‘The Left believe in NO inborn limits on what human arrangements will work whereas Mark sees limits on every hand.’
    • ‘He is bombarded by advice from the conventionally wise who see danger on every hand.’
    • ‘But what this book amply demonstrates is that hers was a full and very complex life, peopled by academics and celebrities on every hand, and that no simple ‘explanation’ can possibly account for all, or even any, of its events.’
    • ‘We come next to the wonderful subject of his virgin birth - a profound truth that is assailed on every hand today and, sad to relate, abandoned by many leaders of so-called Christendom.’
    • ‘I do not see how anyone can look with genuine openness at the surrounding world without a sense of mystery on every hand.’
    • ‘However, he is prevented on every hand from achieving these modest goals.’
    • ‘When there was nothing but deadness on every hand, the Spirit of life kept him alive.’
    • ‘Above me curves the blue arch; away on every hand stretches the yellow prairie, and scattered near and far are the dark forms of buffalo.’