Definition of on file in English:

on file


  • In a file or filing system.

    ‘The reports must be filed monthly with the Supreme Court and be kept on file with the local court's clerk.’
    • ‘With regard to evidence, I have been told that you have everything on file and you have the files in front of you.’
    • ‘You should make sure the address they have on file is your current address and that any charges on the account were made by you.’
    • ‘This is compared to the voter's signature on file at the elections office.’
    • ‘Of course, I already knew they would not have my name on file, but I figured it couldn't hurt.’
    • ‘You will be pleased to hear that I have enough of these tales on file to last another six months, and three out of the next four involve things getting blown up.’
    • ‘A key factor is that these households pay a monthly bill, so they already have their credit card on file.’
    • ‘I also know that by law, many companies are required to keep written resume's on file for at least a year.’
    • ‘The boy was cleared of the charges and has no previous convictions, charges or warnings but despite this his fingerprints were kept on file.’
    • ‘He has a retaliation complaint on file with the city's Employee Relations Board.’