Definition of on foot in English:

on foot

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(also by foot)
  • Walking rather than traveling by car or using other transport.

    ‘Motorists were forced to abandon their vehicles in the road and walk the remaining distance on foot.’
    • ‘The first time he came was in 1945 when the main means of transport was by foot or rickshaw.’
    • ‘In the past, hockey fans could walk on foot for miles to watch their favourite stars.’
    • ‘He walked on foot into the forest as he had done many times, looking for any signs of movement in the bushes ahead.’
    • ‘In the end, we set off on foot and walk for an hour before we manage to flag a taxi down at a crossroads.’
    • ‘The next town was a two days walk by foot but only half a day at most by horse and wagon.’
    • ‘Travelling on foot forces you to engage with bits of the country you don't see from a vehicle.’
    • ‘The name of this area is Martin Place, so make sure you stick to it for hassle-free, speedy travel by foot!’
    • ‘The marchers will travel, by foot and bus, through Baltimore and New Jersey before arriving in New York for a rally.’
    • ‘Travelling by foot is completely free of charge and even in Skandia Cowes Week there were no weary queues.’