Definition of on horseback in English:

on horseback


  • On a horse.

    ‘a lady on horseback rode up to the house’
    • ‘Both were a very long walk or ride on horseback over rough country, especially after a week's hard work.’
    • ‘Dancing and riding on horseback were good, although they didn't mention jogging.’
    • ‘If the four-hour walk sounds like a bit much then adventurers can go on horseback or by horse drawn carriage.’
    • ‘I doubt they let pedestrians walk there, if you're not rich enough to ride on horseback, you don't get in.’
    • ‘It's very safe, and it's not like I'm trying to ride the entire journey on horseback.’
    • ‘They had all ridden there on horseback and were now sitting around with drinks.’
    • ‘I looked up as I heard shouting and saw twelve men on horseback riding towards me.’
    • ‘Most children love horseback riding, and participate in games and races on horseback.’
    • ‘He says Bert Broughton did all his farming on horseback and when times were hard he trained horses for the Army or the hunt.’
    • ‘As the late afternoon sun fades through clouds of dust, Josie Angus is on horseback in the Kimberley Station horse yards.’