Definition of on one's back in English:

on one's back


  • 1In bed recovering from an injury or illness.

    ‘Children with such injuries should be kept on their back with a protective shield over the eye if possible.’
    • ‘As a patient, you spend a great deal of time, sometimes days at a time in severe situations, flat on your back and staring at stained acoustic tiles.’
    • ‘For the next six years, I spent most of my days flat on my back in unrelenting pain.’
    • ‘Exercise really hard and increase your training volume quickly, and you may end up flat on your back with an upper respiratory infection.’
    • ‘A panicked man shot out of the carriage and ran to the back where I lay flat on my back, not moving.’
    • ‘I found it hard to feel much joy for anything flat on my back after kidney surgery.’
    • ‘For the first six days after surgery, I had to lie flat on my back in the hospital bed.’
    • ‘The latter two spent several years flat on their back unable to do anything.’
    • ‘Since Mom's still flat on her back in hospital, we can safely deduce she's not to blame.’
    1. 1.1Full-length on the ground.
      ‘he slipped off the heap and landed flat on his back’
      • ‘‘When you're lying on the ground, flat on your back, you can't fall any further,’ he said.’
      • ‘I hit the concrete ground flat on my back, my bag falling from my hands with a ‘thud’ next to me.’
      • ‘The bottle rolled under my foot, and I fell flat on my back, sending my tray of trash in the air.’
      • ‘You lie on your side, not flat on your back as in the above variations.’
      • ‘Before you can even respond, you're flat on your back, pulverized by its sheer force.’
      • ‘You are flat on your back on the floor, pressing up toward the ceiling with your legs.’
      • ‘‘Therefore, it might be that we have our most creative thoughts while flat on our back,’ he said.’
      • ‘One of the times I was looking behind me, I ended up running into a wall and falling flat on my back.’
      • ‘Then, someone kicked me in the stomach, and threw me to the floor flat on my back.’
      • ‘I suddenly found myself flat on my back, the wind knocked out of me without even a chance to cry out.’
      • ‘I felt something hit me in my stomach, and landed flat on my back, crying out in pain.’
      • ‘I clutched my hand to my chest and took a step backwards, falling out of the van and flat on my back.’
      • ‘Before I can react he jumps on me causing me to lose my balance and I fall flat on my back with him on top of me.’
      • ‘The guy landed flat on his back, growling he opened his eyes to the gleaming barrel of a gun.’
      • ‘He reached out to it, to the light and was soon knocked flat on his back and did not wake for some time.’
      • ‘Ziana was propelled across the room and ended up flat on her back on the floor.’
      • ‘The power blasted out from her body, knocking Devi across the room and flat on her back.’
      • ‘With a loud thud, I was thrown off the bike, and hit the ground, landing on my back.’
      • ‘I flip Riley over my shoulder and he lands on the ground on his back, with a loud thud.’
      • ‘The next thing Melanie knew, she was back in the forested area, lying flat on her back.’