Definition of on one's doorstep in English:

on one's doorstep


(also on the doorstep)
  • Situated very close by.

    ‘the airport is on my doorstep so flying is easy’
    • ‘The centre will be a huge convenience to commercial vehicle owners, who will now be able to access the service right on their doorstep.’
    • ‘There are probably thousands of people around here who don't even know there's a lido on their doorstep or, like me, assumed it had closed too.’
    • ‘We are within easy access of the airport and we have catering facilities on our doorstep that we could utilise.’
    • ‘Back home I'd be away from all of that, but realising all of a sudden that I was so close to it all, that it was happening on my doorstep, was scary.’
    • ‘It's not directly on my doorstep like last time, although it sounds awfully close.’
    • ‘The thing about good gastropubs is that they are very handy to have on your doorstep, but you do not cross the metropolis specially.’
    • ‘This home near town would suit those seeking the conveniences of modern living on their doorstep.’
    • ‘The simple reason for this is that these ores weren't all conveniently excavated from quarries on his doorstep.’
    • ‘Having the convenience of the full range of Council services on your doorstep will make life easier for people.’
    • ‘This is real Paris on your doorstep.’
    near, adjacent, in close proximity, close at hand, near at hand