Definition of on one's last legs in English:

on one's last legs


  • Near the end of life, usefulness, or existence.

    ‘the foundry business was on its last legs’
    • ‘The latest ratings have aroused claims that reality television shows are on their last legs.’
    • ‘The guy looked like he was on his last legs, moving into court very slowly.’
    • ‘If they were ninety and on their last legs, I might understand it, but these are barely out of their teens.’
    • ‘Despite its 101 years of age, the building is in no danger of falling down, but its services are on their last legs.’
    • ‘Media observers are suggesting that reality television shows are on their last legs and will soon be making way for the next trend.’
    • ‘There wasn't much left in it - the tomatoes, the peppers and some marigolds - and most plants were on their last legs.’
    • ‘But I caught a bit of his press conference today, and crikey, if that was him on his last legs, imagine how he must have been as a younger man!’
    • ‘The Germans were supposed to be on their last legs.’
    • ‘And now that their father appears to be on his last legs, the girls are rarely off their mobiles.’
    • ‘‘These guys were on their last legs,’ Officer McGarry said.’
    dilapidated, worn out, rickety, about to break, about to fall apart, about to collapse
    about to fail, failing, about to go bankrupt, near to ruin, going to the wall