Definition of on pointe in English:

on pointe


(also en pointe)
  • On the tips of the toes.

    ‘all the items were danced on pointe’
    • ‘But if I can show a company dancing fantastically on pointe and off, then we'll hook our audiences.’
    • ‘Children should not be encouraged to dance on pointe without adequate training and mastered strength techniques.’
    • ‘If she were a ballerina dancing on pointe, she'd add a whole foot to her height (pardon the pun).’
    • ‘Forced into a pointe class when she'd never danced on pointe, she says she had a professor who reputedly put burning cigarettes under his students' legs to get them higher during barre exercises.’
    • ‘I still had my baby face, this very period look - red hair and freckles - and they needed a big ensemble of people who could ice skate and dance on pointe.’
    • ‘It was natural to me that girls would not dance on pointe.’
    • ‘The piece - the only one danced on pointe - is both nonchalant and intense as the dancers observe, then execute firecracker spins and rigorous leaps, partner flips and hummingbird beats.’
    • ‘At the time when the painter seems to have begun attending performances, the tradition of women dancing on pointe was only about two generations old and audiences were still enthralled by this seemingly magical feat.’
    • ‘Qualified dance teachers also don't put young children (before the age of 11 or 12) on pointe, according to dance medicine specialists.’
    • ‘When you danced on pointe, did you have good feet?’


on pointe