Definition of on-site in English:


adjective & adverb

  • Taking place or available on a particular site or premises.

    as adjective ‘a wide range of on-site services’
    as adverb ‘only four of us live on-site’
    • ‘Residents said that another great aspect of living in retirement housing is the on-site services on offer.’
    • ‘The core activity is engineering design and on-site engineering services.’
    • ‘Her proposal was accepted and Sutton was hired to provide on-site services.’
    • ‘These include the largest range and size of studios in Europe, plus a host of specialised on-site film services.’
    • ‘Internet access facilities and meeting rooms will also be available for visitors within the on-site hotel.’
    • ‘The site will have access via a new on-site road, straight onto the proposed Thames Gateway Bridge.’
    • ‘She's presenting a series of sign poems as a slide show, including new, on-site poems for every city on the tour.’
    • ‘Some clinics also use file banks to free themselves of important files that may no longer be necessary to keep on-site.’
    • ‘The disposal of medical waste through on-site incinerators would be a cure that is worse than the disease itself.’
    • ‘Huge flying sculptures by leading kite artists hung in the air alongside tiny creations made by children in on-site workshops.’
    • ‘The only advantage gained would be access to an on-site pool.’
    • ‘The limited scope of most local disasters does not require extensive planning for the management of on-site fatalities.’
    • ‘She was so proud to have this tiny package of candy on-site that day.’
    • ‘His main reason for opening on Thomas St. is that he'll be able to provide on-site parking for customers.’
    • ‘The figures include at least 250 on-site sub-contractors who will leave the business by the end of this year.’
    • ‘A purpose-built garden office is cheaper to build than a loft conversion or an extension and can be assembled on-site in a day or so.’
    • ‘I can recall, when we first began the outsourcing process, the transition manger came on-site and fired up his laptop.’
    • ‘I did have the distinct advantage of having on-site Irish cousins, though I had never met them.’
    • ‘He says the development, also on green belt land, would be run as a business with water, electricity and an on-site manager.’
    • ‘Travelling in for the night events is an option but, as with most weekenders, you only get the full feel if you stay on-site for the weekend.’