Definition of on special in English:

on special

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  • Available for sale at a reduced price.

    ‘they have hamburger buns on special today’
    • ‘"I was comfortable enough to put the Vanilla Twist on special in all our restaurants this month."’
    • ‘I expect they had either been abducted or were on special in an aisle I had yet to discover.’
    • ‘We have a three pack of socks on special for only a fiver up at the till!’
    • ‘She had bought it last week, on special at Foodland.’
    • ‘One of them is liverwurst, which Larry got on special at the local deli.’
    • ‘Foodtown had it on special for about $10 - an absolute steal.’
    • ‘Now I use paper towels, and buy them in the 12 pack when they're on special.’
    • ‘They're on special!’
    • ‘I'd got some really cute outfits that were on special for like half price and didn't spend that much money.’
    • ‘It had been on special for 99 cents a tub at Woolies, so we had 8 tubs of it in the freezer.’