Definition of on steroids in English:

on steroids


  • Used to suggest a highly exaggerated, enhanced, or accelerated version of something.

    ‘high-protein gelatin squares, available in bright red or bright green, sort of like Jell-O on steroids’
    • ‘What we have here is business as usual - and hypocrisy on steroids.’
    • ‘I mean, physically, I can't, because these things are, like, veneers on steroids.’
    • ‘You know, they all look a little bit like a Palm Pilot on steroids, essentially, because they're so big.’
    • ‘Some look just like desktop PCs on steroids, others are slim boxes stacked in racks like an audiophile's stereo system.’
    • ‘Call it a .44 Magnum-length cartridge on steroids, fattening it up to .475 caliber.’
    • ‘Leonard jokes that it's a bit like paint by numbers on steroids.’
    • ‘Near the end, we had to climb over, under and back over a paramilitary structure best described as a jungle gym on steroids.’
    • ‘But the characters do not ring true, and the events that plague them are clichés on steroids.’
    • ‘At first glance it might appear like a roller ski on steroids or perhaps the mutant offspring of a mountain bike and roller blades.’
    • ‘It is now the last event; they have to climb a hill, which is more like a huge, inclined path with rocks on steroids.’