Definition of on the alert in English:

on the alert


  • Vigilant and prepared.

    ‘the security forces must be on the alert for an upsurge in violence’
    • ‘The terrorist decides where and when he will strike, while the security forces must constantly be on the alert.’
    • ‘The committee appeals to everyone to exercise more vigilance and to be on the alert at all times, particularly in the run-up to Christmas.’
    • ‘To avoid overlooking opportunities, we must forever be on the alert.’
    • ‘Still, customers must always be on the alert and must not let themselves be lured by banks into taking loans that turn into an unbearable burden.’
    • ‘Now that silage and hay making is at hand, farmers must be on the alert.’
    • ‘The groups leadership has once again gone to ground, and security forces are on the alert.’
    • ‘After North Carolina, the trip was different because I was different, on the alert, an outsider in strange land.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, managers are not always on the alert, so some incidents are not recognized as such.’
    • ‘There is a constant need to keep on the alert, and I'm confident we can do that.’
    • ‘West was suddenly at full attention and totally on the alert.’