Definition of on the back burner in English:

on the back burner


  • Having low (or high) priority.

    ‘he wants the matter to be put on the back burner’
    • ‘For the moment I'm going to have to shove the whole question on the back burner and stop thinking about it.’
    • ‘Singapore has reciprocated by putting several disputes on the back burner.’
    • ‘He went on to say that he had absolutely no doubt that the issue would have been put on the back burner by the Government without the campaign.’
    • ‘Other contentious issues may well keep the proposed law on the back burner during the current session as well.’
    • ‘For too long the problems of our rural communities have been put on the back burner, and thought insoluble.’
    • ‘The drive to end discrimination in education had been put on the back burner during World War II.’
    • ‘First, I would put my writing on the back burner until I became well established in science.’
    • ‘But they've put that on the back burner and use their voice to spew political rhetoric and propaganda.’
    • ‘The budget negotiations, which were meant to dominate this month's European summit, will now be placed on the back burner.’
    • ‘These projects were kept on the back burner to avoid inconvenience to citizens, especially in traffic flow.’