Definition of on the bow in English:

on the bow


  • Within 45° of the point directly ahead.

    ‘Four miles out to sea, both Nicholas and Hays agreed that it would be a fine day to see a broadbill or spearfish on the surface and within ten seconds a fin obligingly appeared 300 yards away directly on the bow.’
    • ‘‘This will not be a problem as they will take this southwesterly gale straight on the bow of the ship,’ the department said.’
    • ‘We held on for dear life, braving the swells of the Tasman Sea, as the dolphins played on the bow and jumped in our wake.’
    • ‘I can't work out whether they are swimming hard or perhaps riding a pressure wave, like a dolphin would on the bow of a boat.’
    • ‘The dive boat hurtled at the swell, outboard motors bellowing, the white-knuckled skipper see-sawing the throttle, the rest of us staring transfixed at the crackling green breakers on the bow.’