Definition of on the bubble in English:

on the bubble


informal North American
  • (of a sports player or team) last or among the last awaiting news about qualifying for the final place in a competition.

    • ‘he's never lived up to his high selection, and is on the bubble for a roster spot’
    • ‘several of last year's new TV shows are on the bubble’
    • ‘The minor leaguers mostly know where they're headed for the summer, and there are just a few souls on the bubble, waiting for an injury to the front line guy so they can make the major league roster.’
    • ‘Wakefield was on the bubble, close to being released.’
    • ‘Some say he's on the bubble but, after tonight, maybe not.’
    • ‘Some teams are destined to forever be on the bubble.’
    • ‘Players on the bubble still have a chance to secure their future with the team or catch the eyes of other teams.’
    • ‘Finally, there's the regular-season finale, at Richmond, the make-or-break race for drivers on the bubble.’
    • ‘For a time, he was really on the bubble concerning whether he would be permitted to remain in school.’
    • ‘Another player on the bubble, Johnson was a bad year away from one of two fates: the bullpen or the Rule 5 draft.’
    • ‘Why would Ray Bourque agree to go to the Avalanche, a team on the bubble in the Western Conference playoff race?’
    • ‘Mack, who also returned kickoffs, already was on the bubble became the team is looking to create salary-cap room.’


    From sit on the bubble, with the implication that the bubble may burst.