Definition of on the chopping block in English:

on the chopping block


  • Likely to be abolished or drastically reduced.

    ‘the $1.6 billion we spend each year on transportation subsidies is on the chopping block’
    • ‘But suggestions in recent weeks by the Health Minister that complementary therapies may also be on the chopping block may not be met with such calm compliance.’
    • ‘Funding for national parks and clean water is on the chopping block.’
    • ‘Otherwise, the powers that be will know who's not paying attention and important youth policy initiatives will be the first on the chopping block.’
    • ‘With the Provincial Government of the day preaching more centralization, an office like that in a small community was definitely on the chopping block.’
    • ‘But even this understates the costs, because many state taxes, tied to federal policies, also have been placed on the chopping block.’
    • ‘Parents of children who attend Westover and Ridgeway Annex say they're shocked their kids' schools are on the chopping block in North Vancouver.’
    • ‘However, due to a huge deficit in the state's budget, there is reason to fear that legislators will put financial aid awards for college students on the chopping block.’
    • ‘Other poverty programs, such as public housing, are also on the chopping block.’
    • ‘Due to provincial cuts to their budget, the Fraser Health Authority has had to put home care on the chopping block, with other regions to follow.’