Definition of on the decrease in English:

on the decrease

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  • Becoming less common or widespread; decreasing.

    ‘marriage is on the decrease’
    • ‘With inflation set to fall even further from an all time low of 1.9% in December for once the trend may just show the graph on the decrease rather than on an ever increasing curve.’
    • ‘The total investment however, has been steadily on the decrease since the economic crisis hit the country in the middle of 1997.’
    • ‘Such being the case, it is not exaggerating to say that the number of applicants for the doctoral degree is on the decrease in Korea.’
    • ‘Printmakers are on the decrease, especially in this country, and she wishes to revive a demand for prints.’
    • ‘Yet the familial act of reading is apparently on the decrease.’
    • ‘The spokesman added that their latest figures suggested the number of parking tickets being issued was on the decrease.’
    • ‘The number of people on the unemployment register locally is on the decrease.’
    • ‘Apart from the burglary figures, crime as a whole was on the decrease, according to Insp Jones.’
    • ‘Dirgopal Mangal, says conversion is on the decrease.’
    • ‘As in several European countries, the population of the elderly is on the rise and that of children on the decrease.’