Definition of on the drawing board in English:

on the drawing board


  • (of an idea, plan, or proposal) under consideration and not yet ready to put into practice.

    ‘there are plans to enlarge the runway, but at present all this remains on the drawing board’
    • ‘According to Pat there are a number of schemes on the drawing board which will commence construction immediately after Christmas.’
    • ‘The people of Bingley have every right to be alarmed at the proposals on the drawing board for the redevelopment of this historic community.’
    • ‘But prices have risen since the scheme first went on the drawing board.’
    • ‘Proposals are on the drawing board and they are eager to bring about a revival of the game.’
    • ‘We recommended that they extend these stores to all locations, as well as introduce any new service ideas they had on the drawing board.’
    • ‘The other ideas remain on the drawing board, meaning that debris reduction will have to rely on mitigation, at least for the near future.’
    • ‘Even if such space faring abilities were beyond them, the sooner the ideas were on the drawing board, the sooner something would get done.’
    • ‘Proposals for the centre have been on the drawing board since 1997 but Sheffield City Council only approved the plans three years ago.’
    • ‘Other ideas like birdhouse building are still on the drawing board.’
    • ‘Proposals for the centre have been on the drawing board since 1997, councillors approving the plans two years ago.’
    exploratory, investigational, probing, fact-finding, trial and error