Definition of on the ground in English:

on the ground

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  • In a place where real, practical work is done.

    ‘the troops on the ground are cynical’
    • ‘They are the ones who can really drive change on the ground, and make a difference.’
    • ‘It can then be guided by an operator on the ground with the aid of the live video link to screens on the ground.’
    • ‘He appears to have been caught out by not monitoring what was happening on the ground.’
    • ‘This has left a policy that is confused in its message, and unworkable on the ground.’
    • ‘If there was a clear sense of nervousness in the air, it was tangible on the ground.’
    • ‘These were the people on the ground who checked on the state of our streets and open spaces.’
    • ‘The boxes will be distributed on the ground by a Rotary Club near to the disaster area.’
    • ‘Once he got his boots dirty and spoke to farmers and people on the ground, he was not sure.’
    • ‘We may have a political peace process, but on the ground there is still a war psychology.’