Definition of on the job in English:

on the job

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  • While working; at work.

    ‘learning on the job should be part of studying’
    • ‘my first day on the job’
    • ‘We weren't the most dedicated employees, so we did a bit of learning on the job.’
    • ‘Six years into its tenure, this is a government that gives the impression of learning on the job.’
    • ‘Eichmann was adept at learning practical skills on the job, under the tutelage of seniors he respected.’
    • ‘Wong said every government employee should stay on the job and serve the public.’
    • ‘One of the requirements in the programmes is that employees wear earmuffs on the job.’
    • ‘CNN reports on a Coca Cola employee who was allegedly fired for drinking Pepsi while on the job.’
    • ‘Pixo gives their new employees a vacation in Hawaii for their first week on the job.’
    • ‘Factories often force employees to work overtime or stay on the job for weeks without a day off.’
    • ‘The only way to increase the margins of auditing is to send the most junior people on the job and wrap it up quick.’
    • ‘William Burke was a New York firefighter who died on the job at the World Trade Center.’