Definition of on the march in English:

on the march

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  • (of a military force) marching.

    ‘the army was on the march at last’
    • ‘It is a stunning, impressive picture that captures the movement of an army on the march, as well as the brooding conditions they face almost as an active element in the conflict.’
    • ‘The pressure of that blank metal stare chilled Martel's soul, as if he were watching distant, marauding armies on the march.’
    • ‘The Kingdom of Jerusalem still hung by a thread and armies were on the march that spring.’
    • ‘Even most of the meat he had eaten on the march with Cadona's army was cooked or dry.’
    • ‘It was like an army on the march when this happened.’
    • ‘Armies were on the march, battles were being fought and lost, and regimes became acutely conscious of their vulnerability.’
    • ‘Another way Sweden found to reduce her war costs was to train her army to live off of the land thereby reducing the supply issue for an army on the march.’
    • ‘The battle began accidentally when the two armies encountered each other on the march at the pass of Cynoscephalae.’
    • ‘They reached the bottom of the hill, and two-thirds of the country was empty, as the orcs had gone on the march to meet Aragorn's army.’
    • ‘Their job was to ensure no Moslem army should advance suddenly and catch Charles on the march.’