Definition of on the mark in English:

on the mark


  • Correct; accurate.

    ‘his forecast for the weekend is right on the mark’
    • ‘That said, I voted for John Edwards because I'm a bit of a contrarian and because I think he's on the mark when he talks about two Americas.’
    • ‘In a call for ‘appropriate content’ for an audience, it sounds like this is on the mark.’
    • ‘I'd check back occasionally, and Jonas would always be on the mark with whatever analysis or discussion he was having.’
    • ‘Some of these items are trivial or irrelevant, but many are on the mark.’
    • ‘He is certainly on the mark with such judgments, but he might have made them with more humor and less earnestness.’
    • ‘Obviously, only one of the myriad of warnings he received throughout his four years in office was on the mark.’
    • ‘Am I on the mark in thinking of you as mainly a political stirrer?’
    • ‘Your comments on illegal immigration were right on the mark and very brave.’
    • ‘But his political analysis was on the mark, even if he falls short of the presidency.’
    • ‘Stalin was on the mark in saying that ‘one death is a milestone, a million is a statistic’.’
    factual, fact-based, literal, correct, faithful, exact, close, true, truthful, veracious, true to life, telling it like it is, as it really happened, lifelike, authentic, realistic, fair
    well aimed, precise, on target, unerring, deadly, lethal, sure, true, on the mark, careful, meticulous, painstaking, precision