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on the market

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  • Available for sale.

    ‘he bought every new gadget as it came on the market’
    • ‘Containing aloe vera and moisturiser, the gel will soon be available on the market.’
    • ‘Is it relevant that the bank has installed the best security system available on the market?’
    • ‘Since the flat wasn't on the market, the vendors and I have agreed to do the sale privately.’
    • ‘H's flat is back on the market, but is not fetching huge amounts of interest at the moment.’
    • ‘I'm about to have a two-bed flat on the market and dread the search for a pair of tenants.’
    • ‘The news of the sale came as a welcome surprise as it had been on the market for some time.’
    • ‘Deterred by running such a large building in a smallish market town, they put it on the market.’
    • ‘If we put it on the market now there's the possibility it may sell very quickly.’
    • ‘There's a glut of organic beauty products on the market, but where are the ones for our heads?’
    • ‘There is nothing on the market that can touch the flavour, texture and colour of real pastry.’
    on sale, up for sale, for sale, on offer, purchasable, available, obtainable
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