Definition of on the prowl in English:

on the prowl


  • (of a person or animal) moving around in search or as if in search of prey.

    ‘there is a serial killer on the prowl’
    • ‘Worried that there was a thief on the prowl, hotel owner Hazel Hart immediately ordered a search of the building.’
    • ‘Affluent professionals living in the city centre are being targeted by thieves on the prowl for rich pickings at plush apartments.’
    • ‘Could a panther be on the prowl in West End's Itchen Valley Country Park where dog walkers and joggers normally freely roam?’
    • ‘Burglars are also on the prowl for bank statements, credit cards and passports to obtain credit in your name or to take over your accounts.’
    • ‘Melita Scheffel is on the prowl for books on neurology and paleontology.’
    • ‘Head on out to the home improvement store because you're on the prowl for paint.’
    • ‘The survey will show where in Britain wild cats are on the prowl.’
    • ‘The shootings took place just eight miles from each other, raising fears a gunman could be on the prowl in the Highlands.’
    • ‘Two scrawny dogs and a lone cat are on the prowl, and the air is filled with swarms of ladybugs.’
    • ‘IS THIS picture the long-awaited proof that big black cats are on the prowl in Cumbria?’