Definition of on the right track in English:

on the right track


  • Following a course that is likely to result in success.

    ‘we are on the right track for continued growth’
    • ‘Victory in last weekend's European Cup final when he captained his country to a fifth success suggests he is on the right track.’
    • ‘More impressive, though, than any fanatical power of endurance was his ability to see he was on the wrong track, admit he was mistaken and try a different course of action.’
    • ‘Only the results will tell us if Labour is on the right track.’
    • ‘It sounds as though your son is on the right track to becoming a successful bodybuilder.’
    • ‘That these women were on the wrong track and he was going to put them on the right track.’
    • ‘Today's figures also show that more of those who are likely to vote believe that the country is on the right track.’
    • ‘If they approach it as a lock-them-up-and-throw-away-the-key, then they're on the wrong track.’
    • ‘Dave, you've got the sound effects CD on the wrong track.’
    • ‘34% of the country think the government is on the wrong track.’
    • ‘69 percent believe America is on the wrong track, with only 26 percent saying it's headed in the right direction.’