Definition of on the scent in English:

on the scent

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  • In possession of a useful clue in a search or investigation; following a trail that will likely lead to the discovery or acquisition of something.

    ‘he might be on the scent of something’
    • ‘Within the French secret service, there were a few outright untrustworthy, such as one lieutenant whose blather on a cafe terrace put the Germans on the scent of these listening officers.’
    • ‘He is the eco-friendly hound who is on the scent of environmental crime.’
    • ‘They think that this provides an avenue to destroy her, and they are like hounds on the scent.’
    • ‘For some time now, the unit has been on the scent of something that's been, well, dogging the world of consulting.’
    • ‘They also created a ‘revolving door’ syndrome in the sector, with sought-after staff galloping from one company to the next, on the scent of yet another lucrative pay rise.’
    • ‘As it was, Glavely's attitude showed he knew I was on the scent of something.’
    • ‘But it takes more than that to deter a tabloid hound on the scent of fast-breaking international news.’
    • ‘He claims to offer a service to shield celebrities from the baying media pack on the scent of scandal.’
    • ‘While he still enjoyed his work when he was on the scent, he clearly felt much of the joy and challenge of his cases was gone.’