Definition of on the stump in English:

on the stump


  • Engaged in political campaigning.

    • ‘That is a success, and he can take credit for that, being part of the Government, and that will be one of many reasons why he is out on the stump, campaigning for the return of a Labour Government.’
    • ‘When I went on the stump during the election campaign, I did not meet one person, apart from the National candidate, who did not back this policy.’
    • ‘Bush aides say that over the next 18 days the president's performances out on the stump, out on the campaign trail are going to be crucial.’
    • ‘But he is a charm-free zone on the stump, and he has offered no galvanizing political philosophy or higher meaning.’
    • ‘Few politicians on the stump over the last three weeks have felt confident enough about Europe as an issue to make it a central plank of their appeal to voters.’
    • ‘Standing side-by-side on the stump, Gore proudly trumpeted that Rubin is the architect of his ten-year economic blueprint for the country.’
    • ‘He can connect with millions through the lens uf de cahmera, and he's good on the stump, but maybe he's not the kind of speaker who scales well to an arena.’
    • ‘On the stump, the candidate's performance displays the Japanese distrust of oratorical polish.’
    • ‘Kerry's delivery and ease on the stump has become much better.’
    • ‘On the stump (as in his speech earlier that day), the vice president can come across as a somewhat uncomfortable orator.’